Photogram Workshop

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Photogram Workshop

CSIF welcomes Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof as the 2019 Visiting Artist for the Artifact Small-Format Film Festival! Izabella will be leading two Photogram workshops, a morning edition (10am-1pm) and an afternoon edition (2-5pm).

This workshop will introduce participants to the cameraless technique of photogram. Participants will learn how to make photograms on 16mm B&W film using two approaches: one grounded in the tradition of still photography, of placing objects on light-sensitive surfaces, and introduced to motion picture film by Man Ray in the 1920s; and the other tradition based in the materiality of the filmstrip and its contents, and introduced at the turn of the 21stcentury by Peter Tscherkassky. Participants will have an opportunity to try both techniques and produce a short 16mm photogram film.

In this workshop, participants will be exposed to historical and contemporary examples of still and moving image photogram works to get a good sense of what has been done thus far and to hopefully spark ideas for new projects. They will learn the following: process 16mm B&W orthochromatic film; do exposure tests for the above mentioned two types of photograms; identify objects appropriate for object-based photograms; work with found footage filmstrips as source material and learn how to activate both the image and sound portions in a photogram film; compose photogram films in a linear manner of frame-by-frame animation and in a synchronous manner by creating a light-sensitive canvas of filmstrips. Colour photograms will be discussed and information will be provided on how to make them, but given the timeframe of the workshop participants will only work with B&W film.

Morning Workshop (10 am- 1 pm):

Afternoon Workshop (2 pm- 5 pm):

March 9th
$45 for CSIF Members/Students | $60 for Non-Members