The Filmmaking Roadmap: From Idea to Exhibition

Past workshop, not currently available

Striker Music Video, Dir. Mike Peterson, 2012 (Azriel Knight)

This three session course is designed for independent director/producers to develop a strategy to plan and execute their short film. The course will examine the multiple stages that go into turning an idea into a tangible film. Beyond production of your film this course will explore what needs to be accomplished to reach your film goals. Each session will be tailored for the participant’s project and will provide a blueprint for engaging aspiring filmmakers to think critically and strategically toward producing any film they intend to make.

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Neil Champagne

Neil Champagne


Neil Champagne is a commercial treatment writer and editor who has worked in New York, Toronto, LA and Calgary. Originally a director’s assistant, Neil has worked on such films as Thule and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. With an undergraduate degree in screenwriting from York University, Neil has won several grants and contests for his writing. He is currently promoting his third directorial project Microwave.