Masterclass: Producing for the Independent Marketplace

Past workshop, not currently available

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Registrants will receive unprecedented access to a panel of locally renowned independent filmmakers, who will sit down to discuss the various funding models and distribution strategies available to independent artists in Alberta hoping to produce high-calibre short format and/or feature film productions.

 Masterclass will run over two evenings and will be structured as follows:

Saturday, June 17th – Financing Your Film: Panelists will answer questions from the moderator and share their unique perspective on funding opportunities for filmmakers, ranging from private financing to government grant streams.

Sunday, June 18th – Exhibiting Your Film: The second evening of the Masterclass will cover what avenues you can pursue once your film has been completed, whether that be a strategic festival run, or pitching and selling your film to distributors and broadcasters.


Scott Westby (Producer: In Plainview)

Cameron Macgowan (Producer: The Valley Below)

Jayson Therrien (Producer: A Miracle On Christmas Lake, Everfall


Brett Ferster (Writer/Director: Dryland, One Night in Aberdeen and Claddagh)

For more info, or to register over-the-phone/in-person, please contact out Production Director Nick Haywood at or call 403-205-4747.

$50 Members / Students | $90 Non-members
Brett Ferster

Brett Ferster


Raised in the UK, Norway, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada, Brett Ferster first started making films in University. Gaining a BFA from the U of Lethbridge, he quickly started working in the industry, and pursuing ideas and stories that interested him. The work he directs is often described as genuine, charming, entertaining, thoughtful, and visually compelling. His latest film, One Night in Aberdeen, has garnered much recognition including winning many local awards from CIFF and AMPIA 2015.