Handmade Emulsion

Past workshop, not currently available

Lindsay McIntyre

Part of the $100 Film Festival, with visiting artist Lindsay McIntyre

Handmade emulsion the quick and dirty way. In this one-day workshop, experience a taste of 19th century darkroom magic and create an unwashed B+W silver gelatin emulsion on 16mm film. Handmade emulsions have a distinct and wonderful look to them that cannot be duplicated by other means and provide a wonderful basis for nearly endless experimentation. Topics include: emulsion creation and handling; recipes; film coating techniques; processing; troubleshooting; resources. Participants will gain an understanding of the elementary silver gelatin emulsion chemistry and will get to expose and process a section of handmade emulsion. See the results by the end of the session! All chemicals, supplies and workbook are included. Come prepared to get dirty.

 @ Untitled Arts Darkroom 319 – 10 Avenue SW 

Where We Stand (Excerpt) from lindsay mcintyre on Vimeo.

Lindsay McIntyre

Lindsay McIntyre


Lindsay McIntyre is a film artist and creator from Edmonton, Alberta. Specializing in analogue film work that emphasizes documentary, experimental and handmade techniques, her work has been shown at national and international festivals and venues. Her short films and performances circle themes of portraiture, place and form. She generally prefers to do everything the hard way and her current filmic obsessions involve handmade emulsion and all kinds of chemical manipulation of celluloid.