Drop-In, Small-Format Equipment Clinic

Past workshop, not currently available

Visiting Artist for the 26th Artifact Film Festival, John Porter.

CSIF's 26th Annual Artifact Small Format Film is proud to present the "king of super 8" John Porter as our visiting artist for this year's festival.

For this Artifact-special workshop, Porter will assess, demonstrate and train with any super 8 and 8mm equipment brought by workshop participants and CSIF. Cameras, projectors, viewers, splicers, screens, reels, films, accessories, tools. Participants may be limited to one piece each, but anyone may attend, and come and go throughout the 4 hours. Sit, stand or walk around the large table in the middle of the room and see everything.

Inspired by the first-ever public "Film Projector Restoration Day" organized by Pleasure Dome and LIFT in Toronto last year, and by the annual International Home Movie Day clinics that John works on in Toronto.

Workshop fee is a flat-rate of $20.

More info about the Artifact Small Format Film Festival: artifactfilmfestival.com

$20 flat-rate
John Porter

John Porter


A filmmaker, performer, photographer and writer since 1968, Toronto’s John Porter is one of the most important figures and strongest advocates of Canada’s small-gauge film community. He has made over 300 films, mostly super 8, and has performed over 100 solo shows internationally. Energetic and humorous, Porter’s films are usually silent, made in series, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And, interestingly enough, he only ever screens his originals.

Along with filmmaking, John has conducted many filmmaking-related workshops and has been actively involved with several artist-run centres in Toronto such as Funnel and Pleasure Dome.