Documentary 101

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Dominique Keller on set of UnderEXPOSED (2013)

Have idea for a documentary? Want to know where to begin and how to make it great? Documentary filmmaker and lifestyle television director Dominique Keller will walk you through the steps of making your documentary film. Topics covered include: how to tell the story, where to get funding as well as the practical aspects of production, location permits, release forms, the editing process and distribution. You will complete this course with all the tools you need to confidently take your documentary from concept to completion.

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Dominique Keller

Dominique Keller


Dominique Keller is a documentary and lifestyle director with over 10 years experience.  Based in Calgary Alberta, Dominique directs both locally and internationally.  With much travel and sport directing experience, Dominique is comfortable working in tough environments.  Dominique’s projects include PBS The Lonely Planet Travel Show, City TV My Rona Home, The Food Network Fixing Dinner and APTN underEXPOSED.  Dominique’s films have screened at over 100 festivals worldwide and premiered on Bravo, CBC and APTN.  Dominique was honored to represent Canada as an artist at both the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo