Developing Your Web Series

Past workshop, not currently available

One Hit Die (2013) Dir. Spencer Estabrooks

This hands-on workshop focuses on developing participants ideas for personal projects. Lead by Spencer Estabrooks, we will be using his award winning web series, One Hit Die, as a template for finding and building your audience.

Evening 1 - Developing Your idea

Together we'll discuss the different types of series and funding options. Then examine participant ideas with the goal of finding the perfect pitch. 

Evening 2 - Launching your Social Media Network- I made a series, what now?

We'll examine the terrifying world of social media. Examine Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and others. We'll even pop the hood on One Hit Die and look at the numbers.  

Evening 3 - The Future

Discussions about Web Series Festivals and how to apply for them, how to continue your series, and the changing world of new and alternative platforms.

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Spencer Estabrooks

Spencer Estabrooks


Spencer Estabrooks is an Albertan writer, director, editor, cyclist, colourist, visual effects artist, archivist, flame operator, beer activist, and gentleman bandit.

By day he archives animation for Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network; by night he follows his passion for writing and directing. His films, mostly westerns, horror and horror westerns, have played around the world and on Latin American TV.

He one day dreams of completing the ultimate documentary on beer, of which he is continually researching.