Colour Grading Indie Film w/ DaVinci Resolve - Intro

Past workshop, not currently available

Courtesy of DaVinci Resolve

*Deadline to register for this workshop is April 16, 2018

This course is aimed at the independent filmmakers looking to dabble in color correcting their films, or just for those that want to have a primer before going into a color session themselves. You'll learn the DaVinci Resolve interface, prepping your project from other NLE's for conform, as well as a basic rundown of all of the tools available in this feature rich software. We'll also touch on technique and delivery of your final product. 

 Follow along on a laptop or just watch as we lead you through the user interface. Brendon will bring a calibrated monitor and colour grading panel to explain some of the concepts. By the end of the course you should feel confident enough to start spinning your lift gamma and gain and ditch the luts. 

Note: This course is split over the course of two days (April 21st & 22nd) from 1PM-5PM

$90 Members/Students | $130 Non-Members
Brendon Rathbone

Brendon Rathbone


Joe Media’s in-house colorist, Brendon spends equal time making horror films look as gross as possible, as he does helping beautify commercial work. With 10+ feature films under his belt and commercial and corporate work, he is looking to help indie filmmakers bring tools that were out of reach just a few years ago to their productions in an economical way. When he's not color grading he's a Director and Producer himself, recently completing the festival run on his short film Marauder