Introduction to Location Sound for Film and Video

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Introduction to Location Sound for Film & Video

One of the best ways to add production value to your work is by making sure that you get great sound while you shoot. Although it seems like a complicated task, there are some simple things that you can do to get beautiful, present sound that professional productions are known for. 

In this three-day workshop you’ll get an introduction to the CSIF’s new sound equipment and also learn some best practices when picking locations, how to boom, and the basics of wireless lavaliere microphone use.

Tuesday November 6th (6pm - 9pm) - Introduction to Sound Fundamentals
Sound doesn’t have to be complicated and in this course you’ll be learning some simple things that will get you amazing sound in most situations. We’ll be covering the kinds of mics to use and why, what to look for in a location, and the basics of recording audio to readily available gear. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring over-ear headphones so they can listen along.

Monday November 12th (6pm - 9pm) - Introduction to the Sound Devices 633
The CSIF owns some really great sound equipment and one of its crown jewels is the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder. In this course you’ll be learning the physical features of the recorder, menu settings, how to use timecode properly, and some best practices when working with it on set. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring over-ear headphones so they can listen along.

Tuesday November  13th (6pm - 9pm) - Lavalieres and Transmitters
One of the most complicated things in location sound recording is getting good audio from your lavaliere mics. In this course we’ll be covering the basics of working with actors, finding good placement for your mics, helpful accessories, and transmitter best practices that will keep your audio sounding good and dropout free. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring over-ear headphones so they can listen along.

This workshop is strongly suggested for any members interested in using CSIF's Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder (unless proficiency can be proven otherwise).

Deadline to register - Thursday November 1, 2018 

Nov. 6, Nov. 12 & Nov. 13 | 6pm - 9pm
$120 Members / Students | $160 Non-Members
Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell


Alex Mitchell is an award winning filmmaker with experience in every leg of production. Over the years he has been developing his style and technique through hard work, collaboration, and an education in film production and communications studies. Since graduation he pursued further education through master classes at Maine Media Collage, worked throughout the industry as a member of IATSE 212, and has been recognized for his work by the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association. Alex is currently managing his career as a freelance film technician and independent filmmaker through his company, DCPi Film Services.