Retro Scan

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Learn how to digitize Super 8 and standard 8mm films! This workshop will introduce participants to the proper operation and functionality of CSIF's Retro-Scan 8 telecine transfer system. This system is very simple to set-up and operate, meaning almost anyone can make quality transfers with a minimum of training. The Retro-Scan 8 can transfer films in at 24bit (8:8:8) colour-space with square pixel aspect ratio in either HD or SD resolution and features SafeScan (zero contact at the gate and rubber rollers), handling films only by the edges, meaning that even damaged films with broken sprockets, shrinkage, or bad splices can be transferred on this system with excellent results.

This workshop is mandatory prior to accessing CSIF's Retro-Scan 8.

Thursday, June 13th (6:30-9:30pm)
Members: $40 | Non-members: $60