Film & Book Libraries

CSIF's 16mm Film Library

CSIF's Film Library at the Provincial Archives in Edmonton houses over 2000 titles of 16mm and Super 8 films. Films range from shorts to feature films, with many classics, animations, and National Film Board (NFB) titles and are available to our members for rental.

The rentals for members are free, but members are required to cover the cost of shipping. Please allow at least a week's notice for shipping.

For a complete listing of the CSIF's Film Library download the PDF.


CSIF's Book Library can be accessed during office hours, and can be lent to members on a weekly basis. We have books on technical fields such as cinematography, lighting and celluloid processing, as well as many theory and history about local, national and international cinema. 

For a complete listing of CSIF's Book Library, please download the PDF