CSIF 16mm Film Library

Optical Printer & Super 8 Transfer Suite

The JK K-107 Optical Printer is a film optical effects stand designed to create a wide variety of effects using 16mm or Super-8 films. A new HD scanner, the RetroScan-8 is also available for digitizing Super 8 and regular 8 films.

Steenbeck 16mm Editing Table

We are happy to house one of the only Steenbecks left in Calgary. Drop in and edit your 16mm films with us. 

Editing Facilities

CSIF's post-production facility is a Mac based environment. Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe CC and Davinci Resolve 12 are available to members. The edit suite also features a Red Rocket PCI card and Blackmagic SmartView 4K Monitor.

other FAcility Bookings

In addition to our edit suites, CSIF offers members access to boardroom and studio workshop space in its building for meetings, casting, rehearsals, screenings, etc. Contact us for more information or to make a booking. Please provide several weeks notice for bookings.

To inquire about facility bookings please contact production@csif.org | 403 205 4747