CSIF Clubs

26th Artifact Small Format Film Festival (Photo by Kaz Nakajima)




Joining a CSIF Club is a great way to get involved with the community and meet like-minded people! All of our clubs are free and only open to CSIF members (non-members are allowed to attend one trial meeting prior to membership signup).

Please make sure to bring your CSIF Membership Card to club meetups so that the Club Leaders can confirm your membership status. 

More info about becoming a CSIF member here. 

ACtors Club

Second Thursday of every month: February 14th/March 14th 

6:00PM - 9:00PM @ CSIF (Drop-In)

Club Leaders: Lori Bachynski

The Actors Club meets once a month to help actors develop their craft and network through participation in performance, discussions, and presentations. Whether you are a seasoned actor or just starting out, come join us on the second Thursday every month at the CSIF offices. Please sign up so that we can better prepare for numbers and be sure there is a part for everyone during our performance meetings. A link to the sign-up page will be posted each month. In addition to the meeting at CSIF, this club also hosts a second meeting per month at another location. If the sign up appears to be full or for more information please email Lori at csifactorsclub@gmail.com. 

Madames in Motion (MIM)

First Tuesday of every month: 2019 dates TBD 

Club Leaders: Tae Haahr and ToLa Dee

Madames in Motion (MIM) is dedicated to inspiring, inciting and connecting female-identifying, trans and non-binary filmmakers. MIM is intended for all levels of filmmakers whether you’re just getting your foot in the door or you’ve been here for a while. We aim to empower MIM members through open dialog, educational sessions, guest speakers and hands-on experience, utilizing the tools that CSIF provides. MIM is creatively showcasing underrepresented voices in the world of film, so bring your experience, ideas, and passion and join us at our next gathering!

Interested but not sure? Contact madamesinmotion@gmail.com and we’d be happy to help you out!

Remaking a scene - CSIF's Adaptation Club 

Last Thursday of every month:  February 28th/ March 28th (No meeting in January 2019)

6:30PM - 9:00PM @ CSIF (Drop-In)

Club Leader: Dan Guinness

Adaptation Club meets on the last Thursday of each month, to recreate scenes from great movies. Using the CSIF Flex Space and equipment, it's an opportunity to put your filmmaking skills to the test! Each month, we pick a standout scene (with a focus on cinematic techniques, camera settings, lenses, angles, lighting, blocking, etc.) and shoot our own version, trying to match the look of the original scene as closely as possible.  The group takes turns in various roles giving everyone opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of filmmaking - you could be directing one month, operating the camera the next, then lighting or even acting if you're willing! At the end of each session, we pick the next scene to remake. 

For more information about this club, please contact communication@csif.org.

Screenwriting/Script Club 

Second Tuesday of every month: January 8th/ February 12th/ March 12th 

7PM - 9PM @ CSIF (Drop-In)

Club Leader: Kevin Weir and Chantelle Anderson

Screenwriting/Script Club meets once a month at CSIF to help writers with their script by providing feedback, discussing the intricacies of screenplay writing and inspiring creative writing. If you have a screenplay or two under your belt and are looking for some human interaction, the Screenwriters Club could be the solution to your hermitude. Bring your experience, imagination (and a few snacks for the group) and become a member of this club.

For more information about this drop-in club, please contact Kevin Weir at scriptclub@csif.org

Sound Club

Third Thursday of every month: January 17th/ February 21st/ March 21st 

7PM - 9PM @ CSIF (Drop-In)

Club Leader: Dan Gretton

The Sound Club is for anyone interested in Location Sound, Post-Production sound and how it can be applied to their work or films. Whether you're a mixer and want to talk to other mixers about gear and rates, or you're a producer and want to know how the post-production process works for independent films, the Sound Club is a great place to start!

For more information about this drop-in club, please contact communication@csif.org. 

Are you a CSIF member and have an idea for a new club or would like to start one up? Let us know By emailing Programming@csif.org!