Member Spotlight: Amair Javaid

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Date: 31 May 2019

This week, CSIF is proud to highlight Amair Javaid, a member who is currently producing a short film titled Haqeer

Tell us about your film! 

AJ: Haqeer is about the immigrant experience and it's emotional toll. Hafiz, a 28 year old immigrant who came to Canada with a medical degree, anxiously awaits a letter that will determine whether or not he can practice here. The film will highlight the different emotions immigrants feel in their new environment, such as feelings of anticipation, guilt, and isolation. 

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What was it like using CSIF's Digital Bolex? 

AJ: Using this camera was an experience. During pre-production I was fascinated by the idea of shooting on vintage glass with a camera that was designed to simulate a Bolex film camera. Then we actually started filming and it was .. 'iffy'. I hated the look. We re-shot our first couple days of work after some more experimentation and research. A couple more days in and I looked at the footage and boom, I was in love. If you grow with this camera and learn it like a puzzle, it will give you a truly unique and beautiful look. Definitely going to shoot a couple more films on this.

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Follow Amair on Instagram for updates on this film at @amairjd

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