CSIF Member Spotlight: Kim Kelln

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Date: 1 June 2019

This week, CSIF is proud to highlight Kim Kelln, a member who wrote/produced/directed a short film titled Pregnant Pauses. The film was also produced with the help of lots of CSIF volunteers! 

Can you tell us a bit about the project? 

Kim Kelln: Pregnant Pauses is three short vignettes about what happens after someone hears the phrase "I'm pregnant." Three couples. Three different life experiences and circumstances. Three different reactions.

Why the phrase "I'm pregnant?" Probably because it's the singular phrase that will elicit such a varied and complicated range of emotions. There are myriad of reactions. I picked three that I understood, and, there's ALWAYS a pause after someone hears the phrase.

Originally conceived as three identical shorts with minimal dialog, I restructured (in pre-production) to bring all three couples together in the same venue and at the same time. Unbeknownst to them, each is having the same conversation.

What was your experience on set?

KK: This is my first narrative film of any kind. I have a feature-length documentary under my belt, but that was easy (haha) - no actors, crew or extras. This was all new ground so I learned a tonne about filmmaking, and, mostly, about working with and trusting your crew. Working on set, especially your own, you get a better appreciation of how many people it takes to capture even a few minutes of big-screen entertainment.

Pregnant Pauses was an all-volunteer effort. I think it helped that I promised a one-day shoot with food and transportation. Still, it's amazing that so many people would take a chance on a first time director and volunteer their time and talents to help out. Everyone was fabulous, professional and competent.

Teamwork and good planning also make it possible to finish our entire shooting schedule a little ahead of time, without dropping any scenes. I thought that was pretty amazing. I had a few optional scenes in hand in case we ran out of time, but we didn't need them. Go team!

What did you learn from making this film? 

There are a few things I should have done differently. Lighting was an issue. Not exactly a nightmare, but, perhaps, somewhat near. We really didn't understand the entirety of the light situation until we were on set. Transportation to and from Rosebud also added a lot of overhead that I could have done without. That was it. No equipment malfunctions. No bad cards. No safety incidents. Everyone had a good time. I had a blast. We all got home safely. Oh yeah, no smoke yet. Yeah!

This is our entire production team:


  • Caitlyn O'Conner, Girlfriend
  • Dexter Deugau, Boyfriend
  • Lori Bachynski, Wife
  • Brett Correll, Husband
  • Trisha Lewandowski, Mother
  • Paul Muir, Father
  • Emily-Anne Salkeld, Barista


  • Rob Peddle, DoP
  • Jenn Will, 1st AD
  • Andrew Spencer, Location Sound
  • Mariana Kshanovska, Gaffer/Grip/PA
  • David Crossley, PA/Transport
  • Hailey Sutherland, Hair and Makeup
  • Nate Malloy, Script Super/BTS Photographer
  • Christine Kelln, Transport


  • Matthew Schaaf
  • Jeany Snider
  • Donovan Snider
  • Shelly-Ann Morgan
  • Dela Buhr
  • Gord Hedrick


  • Chad Simoneau, Editor
  • Andrew Spencer, Soundtrack

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If you are a CSIF member with a project in the works or news to share, send us an email at programming@csif.org.