Board of Directors


Brett Ferster


Having been raised in the UK, Norway, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada, Brett Ferster grew up being immersed in cultures and stories from around the world. These experiences probably seeped into his subconscious and guided him toward the idea of crafting stories, through film, as a career. After gaining a BFA from the University of Lethbridge, he quickly started working in the industry, and pursuing ideas that interested him.

Matt Watterworth

Vice President

Matt Watterworth is a graduate of the SAIT Film & Video Production Program and an active member of the Alberta Film Community. He’s the co-founder of Full Swing Productions, co-creator and co-host of The Alberta Filmmakers Podcast, and the recipient of “Best Filmmaker” in the 2017 Best of Calgary awards. Matt is in his firth year on the board of The CSIF.

Anna Cooley


Anna Cooley is a filmmaker with unquenchable enthusiasm. She is a director, writer, producer and is the co-founder of Erratic Pictures. She is working on web series, VR games and documentaries. She loves to teach almost as much as she loves to learn.

Andres Porras

Board Member

Andres Porras is a freelance photographer and videographer with a background in broadcast journalism. He joined CSIF to take part in some workshops and discovered his love for celluloid after participating in the 2017 48 Hour Film Frenzy. Andres is a storyteller at heart and enjoys talking with fellow CSIF members about their passion projects. 

Chantelle Anderson

Board Member

Chantelle Marie Anderson is an emerging indigenous filmmaker based out of Calgary.  She was trained in the arts at Ryerson University where her passion for storytelling began.  Her storytelling has evolved from screenwriting to directing and producing films. Join her at the CSIF Script Club meetings to learn how we plan to promote the talents of screenwriters this year!

Garth Paulson

Board Member

Gerrick Winston

Board Member

Gerrick Winston is an actor/filmmaker. Born and raised in the U.S., he received his Canadian citizenship in 2017. He joined CSIF to connect with the independent filmmaker community and has recently joined the CSIF board. 

Scott Westby

Board Member

Scott Westby is a Calgary-born Director, Writer and Producer. He's a graduate of SAIT's Film & Video Program, an alumni of the National Screen Institute, a host of the Alberta Filmmakers Podcast and a founder of Full Swing Productions. Scott has been a CSIF Board member for 5 years, and is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the Alberta film community. Also he loves tacos. And slurpees. Crap this is way more than 3 sentences now.

Wayne Bradford

Board Member