Working with Actors: Blocking

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Production Still from Coming To Term, 2016 (Renee Amber)

Note: This will be a two-part workshop.

In the first class, participants will begin by trying their hand at blocking a one-take based on an existing scene. They'll put these away and look at what is meant by beats, dramatic blocks and how to find them. Next, they'll examine how a director breaks down his/her script to create a shooting plan with blocking—the positioning and movement of actors within the frame—in mind. This will include an in-depth look at several examples and discuss best-practices of how to work with actors on set in regards to staging.  

The second class will include a quick review of fundamentals, instruction on how to create a floor plan, and then some actual shooting. Participants will use DSLRs to try their own hand at blocking a one-shot. They will then review the exercises, comparing them to their first attempts, and discuss what worked and what didn't. 

Prerequisites are a passion for visual story-telling and learning. Members of different abilities are all welcome.  Participants will be required to watch two films—yet to be announced—prior to the first workshop, and are welcome to submit clips from their own work for review.

REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE HERE - Note: Time has not been confirmed (both classes will be 3 hours long)

Saturday March 17 & Saturday March 24, 2018 | TIME TBA (3-hour class)
$120 Members/Students | $160 Non-members
Berkley Brady

Berkley Brady


After living and working in New York, where she received her MFA in Film from Columbia University, writer/director Berkley recently returned to Alberta to begin pre-production on her first feature, The Bruiser. She has worked as a reader for Likely Story (AdaptationSynecdocheNew York) and Cooper's Town (Capote), and her creative work in film has been featured at various film festivals, including Sundance, Berlin, SXSW, Woodstock, Mumbai and Grande Prairie film festivals.