Directing with Robert Cuffley

Past workshop, not currently available

Robert Cuffley on the set of FEROCIOUS (2012)

*Deadline to register for this workshop is April 23, 2018

This two-day workshop provides participants with the elements of directing including scene analysis, working with (and inspiring) crew members, how to do a lot with a little, and what to do with your finished film. A director’s relationship with his/her cinematographer will be discussed, as will their relationship with other key crew members. Topics include: how to generate ideas that stimulate screenplays, when to use handheld, when to use a two-shot, when to move and not move the camera, when to give the editor options and when not to.  Of note: you will be  will be encouraged to submit questions prior to the course beginning in order to spend time delving into the answers.



Sat April 28 - Sun April 29, 2018 | 10AM - 5PM
$160 Members / Students | $200 Non-Members
Robert Cuffley

Robert Cuffley


Robert Cuffley is an award-winning director and screenwriter who has made movies that have played around the world, had theatrical releases across Canada, and occasionally embarrassed his Mother. His latest film CHOKESLAM (Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew, and Michael Eklund) was chosen for the CFC/Telefilm Features Comedy Exchange. CHOKESLAM is scheduled for release across Canada in March 2017.