Summer Media Arts Camp

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2014 Summer Media Arts Camp (Dan Crittenden)

This 2-week camp that introduces youth, ages 13 – 17, to filmmaking practices. Film theory, scriptwriting and the shooting processes are taught through hands on work in creating a project together. Participants will collaboratively direct, shoot and edit a film. This intensive, hands-on experience offers youths an excellent introduction to the art of film production.

Upon completion of their collaborative film, it will be premiered at a gala screening Friday afternoon 5pm at CommunityWise, where participants and the public, are invited to attend.   

July 11 - 22 Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 4:30pm
Yvonne Abusow

Yvonne Abusow


Yvonne Abusow is a graduate of the film and media production program at the University of Regina and current Production Director at the CSIF. She is an avid celluloid-based filmmaker and you can find her shooting with the Experimental Film Club on the 2nd Saturday of each month.