48 Hour Film Frenzy

Past workshop, not currently available

Robert Todd, $100 Film Festival (2012)

If you have ever wanted to shoot a short film on 16mm, this is the challenge for you! Sign up as a team or as an individual (who will be put into a team), and work collaboratively shooting a short film using only 200 feet of black and white reversal film.

Day one: participants will shoot during the day and hand process their film in the evening, leaving the film to dry overnight.

Day two: participants will compile their film using an old school method of editing by cutting and splicing the film together. Participants will also create a digital soundtrack for their film that will be played on a dual system. The final films will be shown at a public screening event on the Sunday evening at 7pm.

No experience of shooting with film is required. Teams will be partnered with a mentor (as needed). All you need to bring with you is an idea and a willingness to collaborate. 

The first 5 participants to sign up will receive 10 minutes of FREE film & access to a camera to practice working with film in the weeks before the challenge begins!
June 6 & 7 9am - 9pm
$65 per person