Film & Book Libraries

CSIF's 16mm Film Library

CSIF's Film Library at the Provincial Archives in Edmonton houses over 2000 titles of 16mm and Super 8 films. Films range from shorts to feature films, with many classics, animations, and National Film Board (NFB) titles and are available to Library Members for rental. 

Rental rates (per week) are: $5 for feature films & $3 for shorts. Please allow at least a week's notice for shipping.

For a complete listing of the CSIF's Film Library download the PDF.


CSIF's Book Library can be accessed during office hours, and can be lent to members on a weekly basis. We have books on technical fields such as cinematography, lighting and celluloid processing, as well as many theory and history about local, national and international cinema. 

For a complete listing of CSIF's Book Library download the PDF.