Workshop with Louise Bourque, 2013 (Kaz Nagao)

Screenwriting Club

Second Tuesday of every month: 7-9pm


Screenwriters club meets once a month at CSIF to help writers with their script by providing feedback, discussing the intricacies of screenplay writing and inspiring creative writing. If you have a screenplay or two under your belt and are looking for some human interaction, the Screenwriters Club could be the solution to your hermitude. Bring your experience, imagination (and a few snacks for the group) and become a member of this club.

For more information about this drop-in club contact Kevin Weir at

Experimental Film Club


$25 (to cover supplies)

The Experimental Film Club is a small group that experiments with 16mm and 8mm celluloid film techniques including hand processing, alternative exposures, in camera editing, and hand manipulation. Prior experience working with 16mm and Super8 film is required to join the club.

For more information, please contact Production Director Nick Haywood at