Video Project - Sunalta Community Association

For the last 5+ years the Sunalta Community Association has been working on a plan to build a new Community Centre (Adjacent to the existing Hall) that will be self-sustaining and contain a Community Kitchen, café, and more spaces for programming. They are launching a Fundraising Campaign and are in need of someone to create a 1-2 minute video for them that will help them tell their story to both the community and potential donors.

Sunalta will provide a $500 honorarium to the filmmaker, while CSIF will provide credited volunteer hours, gear, and access to our editing suite if needed. 

If interested, please email with a resume/CV and/or a demo reel. Deadline for expressions of interest is end of day June 8, 2018. 


  • Potential donors
  • Potential partners (Major Sponsors)
  • Media
  • Community 


  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Potentially media

Content Ideas include:

  • Interviews of people living in the community (New Canadians, youth, Community Social Worker, the Associations Exec Director, Business Owners).
  • Highlight the social change we want to make in the community
  • Show the impact of a community/commercial kitchen, coffee kiosk and social programming
  •  Show the community association working with the neighbourhood 

Ultimate Goal

Having a video that is engaging, watchable, and shareable that will ultimately result in increased awareness of the project, and donations, not just from Sunalta but across the city and beyond.

Honorarium: $500