Will, Wish, Want or Purpose

The Lollipop Generation Dir. GB Jones (2008)

CSIF is excited to co-present an installation of short films for Sled Island Art, curated by Justin Waddell from June 22 - 25 at the #1 Legion.

June 22: 5pm - 10pm
June 23: 5pm - 10pm
June 24: 5pm, Reception: 8pm - 10pm
June 25: 2pm - 10pm

Will, Wish, Want or Purpose is a multi-channel installation of historical and contemporary experimental film and video works that explore relationships, sexuality, love, and cooperation towards self-realization and actualization. The presentation is intended to invoke a spirit of togetherness, rebellion, light, and strength found in nature and mystical attainment. Through a series of filmic montages, totemic prophecies, and ambient sounds, viewers are invited to experience an environment of self-reflexive contemplation while in the physical presence of one another. This collective space will, hopefully, also motivate participants to consider their physical actions and bodies in relation to larger forces of desire, purpose, and personal inhibitions. 

Will, Wish, Want or Purpose is also intended to be kind of sexy. It is a safe and inclusive space where people can be free to discover, celebrate, and manifest their own path and image. There will be a lot of films with explicit sex and nudity and romance. There should be opportunities for people to shed their ego and to reveal the desires of their subconscious self. There will be places for people to stand, dance, sit, and lay either alone or with a few friends.  Including K. Daymond’s Nice Girls Don’t Do It (1990), GB Jones’ The Lollipop Generation (2008), Go! Push Pop's Push Porn (2012), Will Munro's Rebels Rule (1998), Steve Reinke's Sad Disco Fantasia (2001) and Scott Treleaven's The Salivation Army (2001).


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June 22 - 25
June 22 - 24: 8pm - 10pm, June 25: 2pm - 10pm
#1 Legion Basement (116 7 Ave SE)