Selected Works by the Loop Collective

Alberta (2014) Dir. Dan Browne

The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary are excited to present Selected Works by the Loop Collective in celebration of the Toronto-based experimental film collective’s 20th anniversary. The works in this programme combine recent films from their members with older hidden gems, generating conversations between old and new, film and video, movement and stasis, purity and hybridity, nature and technology, matter and memory.  

Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, fugitive l(i)ght  (2005)

Kelly Egan, ransom notes  (2011)

Colin Clark, The Trail Ridge is Closed  (2014)

Dan Browne, Alberta  (2014)

Stephen Broomer, Dominion  (2014)

Ty Tekatch, A Dream  (2014)

Angela Joosse, Of Light From the Ground  (2014)

Jocelyn Statia, Untitled  (2015)

Ilana Gutman, The Changing Light  (2003)

Shana MacDonald, Thaw  (2006)

Ajla Odobasic, Morning  (2011)

Erika Loic, Illuminated Text  (2012)


The Loop Collective is a group of independent media artists formed in 1996 to develop a public platform integrating experimental film and video with other art forms. Over the past two decades, Loop has programmed and produced works for presentation through exhibitions and events in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. The collective's members are diverse and evolving; their practices spanning film, video, music, dance, photography, collage and textile arts. Our mission is to explore the roots of experimental film and video by creating a dialogue with other art media, and promote experimental film and video for critical engagement by cultivating relations among different artistic communities. Loop has presented gallery installations, screenings, and artist talks by renowned figures including Michael Snow, Carl Brown, R. Bruce Elder, Richard Kerr, Chris Welsby, Christian Lebrat, Carolee Schneemann, and Jósef Robakowski. 


June 26 (opening reception) - July 25
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary (2009 10 Ave SW)