On Location: Members Screening & Directors Talk

On Location, 2014 (Jenny Bonar)

Twice a year, The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of their members’ latest films. Join us to celebrate local film, and hear from the directors following the screening in discussion about process, technique and storytelling. 

Breakfast | Dir. Guillaume Carlier | 8 min

The oldest man on earth wakes up one morning, and makes breakfast.

Microwave | Dir. Neil Champagne | 15 min 

After the death of their grandmother, two brothers are forced to see eye to eye about the house they were both raised in. Will wants to keep it and Evan wants to sell it, but the pair must come to a decision. 

It’s All Good | Dir. Ron Devitt | 8 min 

A dramatic-comedy about two college students sharing an apartment- one is a neat and tidy business student, and the other is a selfish slob who cares only about living in the moment. Is it really “all good”?

Diamond Planet 2: Emerald Horizon | Dir. Troy Greenwood | 13 min

The follow-up to Diamond Planet. When one Hollywood producer overhears another's idea at a bar the night before the annual "Pitchtime" event, what follows is a back and forth one-up as each producer tries to out-pitch the other with the same idea to the same studios. 

The Shooting of Dan McGrew | Dir. Braden Brickner | 10 min

It is 1897 in Dawson City - a gold prospector struggles with life alone in the wilderness by seeking revenge on the man who he thinks has stolen his true love.

Pizza Fiction | Dir. Kevin Littlelight | 14 min 

An aspiring filmmaker looking for his breakthrough idea stumbles into a complex drama that blends real life with fiction. 

Consolation Prize | Dir. Todd Kipp | 11 min 

A deadbeat dad living amongst a wasteland of wrecked vehicles tries to reconnect with his son over a surprise weekend visit.

Total program 80 min; a panel discussion with the filmmakers will follow the program 

November 13, 2014
7:00pm (doors at 6:30)
Theatre Junction GRAND (601 1 St SW) 3rd floor studio