On Location: Members' Screening & Directors' Talk

Spring 2018 Member Screening (Poster by Fulcrum)

Twice a year, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of our members' latest films. Juried by our Programming Committee, these films highlight the great work being done within the Alberta filmmaking scene. Join us to celebrate local film, and hear from the directors in a post-screening discussion about process, technique and storytelling. 

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance via Theatre Junction GRAND (online, over-the-phone, or in person) or at the door. BUY TICKETS HERE

A real zombie | Autumn Desjardins (Strathmore High School) | 2:50
A group of high school students search for a Zombie one of their friends claims to have seen.

Emily | Brendan O'Brien | 15:40
Emily is a short coming-of-age/drama about a young girl, Emily, as she struggles with the loss of her mother and the disconnection and isolation from her father, Ethan. Through themes of suicide, isolation, loss, redemption, and hope, Emily recruits the help from her friend to run away from home with a small raft, and head into the wild mountains.

Final Frontier | Michael Dargie & Jennifer MacLean | 4:43
Honourable mention at the 2017 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and Finalist in the YYComedy Film Festival. This short film was conceived, shot, and edited (including epic battle scenes and original score) in 47 hours; all from one line of dialogue and the genre “Space Western”.

The Hypocrite | Amair Javaid | 23:49
At the guidance of a mysterious book, a young man leaves home to fulfill his purpose. 

Catalog | Emmanuel Ho | 3:55
A recursive exploration in abstract experimental form.

Calgary "Ugly" | Guillaume Carlier | 13:47
Calgary painter Chris Flodberg sees beauty in banality. Paintings of the often ugly city he calls home feature landscapes of pavement, desolation, and abstract inspiration.

Spraypaint | Simon Chan | 2:16
An urban love poem set against the creative stylings of a speed spraypaint artist. Made in collaboration with Miranda Krogstad.

Subnivean Snuff | Rachel Evans | 13:27
Subnivean Snuff retells an historical environmental myth using hand drawn, camera-less animation techniques. It explores anthropomorphism, eco anxiety, interspecies dynamics, mythology and authenticity. Lemmings don't actually commit suicide when their populations peak, the producers of the original film threw them off of a cliff in order to illustrated this commonly held misconception. Evans worked on this film over the course of four years, drawing on approximately 20 000 frames of celluloid film before scanning and editing it digitally.

"Lonely Mind"-Hi-Strung Downers | Michael Dargie & Jennifer MacLean | 5:58
Recipient of the 2017 Storyhive Music Video grant this video takes their audience through one crazy night in the life of The Hi-Strung Downers. The band does double-duty as the band and members of their audience.

Thank you to Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Canada Council for the Arts. Also thanks to Fulcrum for the fantastic poster design!

Wednesday May 23, 2018
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Theatre Junction GRAND