On Location: Members' Screening & Directors' Talk

On Location Members' Screening & Directors' Talk - Fall 2017 (Poster by Fulcrum)

Twice a year, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of our members' latest films. Juried by our Programming Committee, these films highlight the great work being done within the Alberta filmmaking scene. Join us to celebrate local film, and hear from the directors in a post-screening discussion about process, technique and storytelling. 

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance via Theatre Junction GRAND (online, over-the-phone, or in person) or at the door. BUY TICKETS HERE


Salt & Pepper | August 2017 SMAC | 8:14 

A film noir produced by the participants of CSIF’s 2017 August Summer Media Arts Camp.

G.E.M | Mike Hooves | 7:17

Where does a bicycle shop fit within feminism? A look into a weekly initiative created to allow people of marginalized genders to comfortably participate in bike shop culture. 

The Legend of the Bunny Phantom | Vinson & Simon Chan | 5:26

In this reimaging of the Tortoise and the Hare, the legendary Bunny Phantom finds himself in a different sort of race: a race against time to save his city from imminent destruction at the hands of the dastardly Turtler.

A Short Film About Perverts | Ted Stenson | 3:33

A frank educational film informing regular people about the nature and potential hazards of perverts. 

Cotard | Kaz Nakajima | 12:17

A young woman named Jaclun has lost her drive in life and becomes overwhelmed by her daily pressures at work. As she further becomes engulfed in her lifeless work, she begins to notice a creeping presence in the shadows. She soon realizes that she is haunted by her own ghost leading her to a spiraling downfall into the depths of complete madness. 

Surf Anywhere | Desiree Bilon | 9:47

A short documentary about a group of river surfing pioneers who are not only building a world-class wave on the Kananaskis River, but also a river surfing community.

Sleepwalker | Anna Cooley | 5:56

Trapped in a nightmare, Lily falls under the sway of her demons as they lead her in a grotesque dance to the edge of oblivion.

I’m A Thief | Lun Yan | 5:50

What if I were to tell you that I'm a thief?

Marauder | Brendon Rathbone | 14:11

A post-apocalyptic short film set in a futuristic Albertan wasteland. The film is a gritty look at a broken world where humanity hangs by a thread. The Marauder is on the hunt for two Bandit motorcycle thieves, and survival may rest on finding them.

"Archipelago" - Shred Kelly | The Light Factory | 4:07

The Light Factory presents the music video for Shred Kelly’s "Archipelago".

Thank you to Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Canada Council for the Arts.

Thursday November 2, 2017
Theatre Junction GRAND