On Location: Members' Screening & Directors' Talk - Fall 2016

Twice a year the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of our members' latest films as we celebrate local film and hear from the directors in a post-screening discussion about process, technique, and storytelling. 

Join us at 7pm on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at Theatre Junction GRAND. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance at Theatre Junction GRAND or at the door. 

The Fall 2016 program will run approximately 83 minutes, followed by our directors' talk and a casual reception. 

On Location: Fall 2016 Program  

mancub | DIR. sean edwards | 5 MIN

A band of outlaws are running production on a secret spaghetti sauce recipe that was stolen from a family business. As they hide-out in their cabin on the prairies, they are unaware a man is on his way to take back the operation and avenge his murdered wife.

omip.pip | DIR. emmanuel ho | 2 MIN

Geometric forms and illustrative elements interplay in an animated experimental short.

who is riley oakes? | DIR. ron devitt | 20 MIN

Two teenage slackers find a discarded reel-to-reel player and a collection of old tapes with a mysterious voice singing six songs. Tasked with a school project, they set out to find the singer.

writer's block | DIR. vinson chan | 3 MIN

A student struggling to complete a creative writing assignment is inflicted with the condition known as “Writer’s Block”, which manifests itself in the form of a tiny elephant doodle.

spikes at her elbow | DIR. Mohammed Zeytter | 12 MIN

It’s 1974 and Jade Lee wants to be an engineer. After graduating with her engineering degree Jade struggles to find and keep a job in the white, male dominated profession. 

a disappearance | DIR. kevin dong | 10 MIN

A woman struggles against the confines of her domestic life, and the frame of the film itself. 

indian giver | DIR. trevor solway | 10 MIN

A family man comes back from the store…15 years later. Since leaving his family in 1999, Joseph has been on a fast highway of rodeos, powwows, and partying. Now he's back and ready to make amends with his estranged family. Made as part of the CSIF/ImagineNATIVE mentorship program.

Stephen hair in passion | DIR. Jaimie stewart & voytek jarmula | 11 MIN

Calgarian Stephen Hair shares the passion behind his theatre career as Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol", a role which he has played for the past 20 years. 

the money tree | DIR. aaron bernakevitch| 10 MIN

Presenting a real and raw human dilemma: does one stand ardently for principles or bend to outside influences?

November 10, 2016
Theatre Junction GRAND