On Location: Members' Screening & Directors' Talk

On Location: Members' Screening & Directors' Talk

Twice a year, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of our members' latest films. Juried by our Programming Committee, these films highlight the great work being done within the Alberta filmmaking scene. Join us to celebrate local film, and hear from the directors in a post-screening discussion about process, technique and storytelling. 

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance via Theatre Junction GRAND (online, over-the-phone, or in person) or at the door. 


I Just Want My Phone Call | Dir. Simon Chan | 2:58

When a man gives a snarky reply to a girl in a time of need, he gets his just desserts. A short inspired by the style of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.

Snake Alley | Dir. Jean-Pierre Marchant | 4:45

A story about the legendary Snake Alley in Lethbridge, Canada.

Some Kind of Cowboy | Dir. Nathan Rogers | 11:56

When her new step-mother runs away, a girl is torn between duel searches by her abusive father and her step-mother’s son. Set in the late 1800’s.

Adios | Dir. Hernan Moreno | 5:21

A story about a woman’s journey seconds after she has made the most important decision of her life. 

Bebe Peligroso | Dir. Nick Haywood | 5:02

A violent vigilante dons a baby mask to protect a dystopian city from the clutches of a deranged crime lord 

Coming to Term | Dir. Renee Amber | 7:02

A woman sets off on a journey to establish her career just as she learns that she is pregnant. This twist in her destiny leads her down an unexpected path.

Quickload | Dir. EJ Liann | 2:56

Naveed shows Danielle his cool new phone app. But she isn’t too impressed.

The Gregarious Human | Dir. Parminder Singh Bagga | 6:04

Relationships need work. Healthy relationships involve a little giving, caring, sharing and loving. In today's world, the "Urban Human" shares a stronger bond with the inanimate.

Money Tree | Dir. Aaron Bernakevitch | 10:11

“The Money Tree” is a project that displays morals paired with masterful visuals; aimed to both excite and intrigue audiences, leaving them with real and raw human dilemma’s - Does one stand ardently for principles or bend to outside influences? 

PsyBorgs | Dir. David Hiatt | 10:27

The future, 1991. The evil General Blight and his T.O.X.I.N. rogues hold the fate of the world in the palm of their hands. Fortunately for mankind, John Carbon and the heroic PSYBORGS, armed with tremendous psychic powers, stand in his way.

Thank you to Calgary Arts Development, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Canada Council for the Arts.


Thursday May 25, 2017
Theatre Junction GRAND