On Location: Member Screening & Directors Talk

MOSES (Dir. Guillaume Carlier, 2016)

Twice a year the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers showcases the best of their members' latest films. Join us to celebrate local film, and hear from the directors in a post-screening discussion about process, technique and storytelling. 

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance via Theatre Junction GRAND or at the door


Walking to Save-On | Dir. JP Marchant | 4min

This is a story about a journey on foot to a grocery store whose days are numbered. The place is the windy southern Alberta city of Lethbridge (pop, 80k). A place where going to the "meat market” was a real thing. A place where the "North Side" beyond the train tracks was frozen in time in the 1980s, and has been crumbling ever since...

Heaven | Dir. Ted Stenson | 7min

A father explains his theory of the afterlife to his young son.

Moses | Dir. Guillaume Carlier | 27min

Moses is the story of two young men reconstructing a traumatic event from their past. As both tell their story, we understand that they share a different version of the same event. Moses was filmed in a loose, improvised manner, with aspects of documentary, narrative, and surreal filmmaking. 

Submerged | Dir. Chantal Wall | 5min

A collision of consumerism and matrimony through the lens of puppets and dancers. Made as part of the 2016 Herland Production Workshop

Grandma Learns to Drive | Dir. Dominique Keller | 12min

Thérèse attempts to slay one of her biggest regrets in life: never learning to drive. At 86 years old she will go all in and work harder than she’s ever worked before in one, last, bold attempt to obtain her Alberta Class 5 operator’s permit. 

Markowsky Draws in a Fighter Plane | Dir. Mike Peterson | 32min

Artist Michael Markowsky spent 5 years convincing the Canadian military to let him fly in an F18 fighter jet so he can make sketches of the experience and then use them to inform his studio paintings. We are given an insight into Markowsky's artistic process and how much of the work involved in his painting is so process oriented. 

Luxure (Lust) | Dir. Cameron Macgowan | 6min

An erotic fable about a married man’s obsession with an exotic beauty. 



JP Marchant: Midway between the journey of his life Jean-Pierre (JP) Marchant happily found himself within a forest dark, having lost his way off the straightforward path as a corporate drone in the oil & gas industry. The catalyst was a filmmaking course at FAVA in the summer of 2013. Since then he has worked on nearly a dozen independent film sets. His recently completed third film, The Hitch-Hiker, played at several local and international films. 

 Ted Stenson is a writer/director based out of Calgary, Alberta. A recent graduate of the MFA Theatre program at the University of Calgary, Ted produces idiosyncratic works of fiction in a variety of mediums. 

Guillaume Carlier is a filmmaker based in Calgary, AB.

Dominique Keller is a documentary director based in Calgary Alberta, Dominique directs both locally and internationally.  With much travel and sport directing experience, Dominique is comfortable working in tough environments. Dominique’s projects include PBS The Lonely Planet Travel Show, City TV My Rona Home, The Food Network Fixing Dinner and APTN underEXPOSED.  Dominique’s films have screened at over 100 festivals worldwide and premiered on Bravo, CBC and APTN.  

Mike Peterson is an award-winning, Calgary-based filmmaker who has made everything from shorts, music videos, commercials, docs and features.  His films have played all over the world including major festival screenings.  He has an M.Arts from UNC-Chapel Hill where he wrote his thesis on Documentary Theory and Practice and was one of six filmmakers to take part in the Canadian Film Centre's Directors Lab (2013).

Cameron Macgowan is a Calgary-based filmmaker, member of the Canadian film collective North Country Cinema, the founder of Awkward Silencio Films, and a lead programmer with the Calgary Underground Film Festival. He is a graduate of the Film/Video program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. His work has won awards and garnered critical acclaim at international film festivals across the world including SXSW, Fantasia and the Toronto International Film Festival.

May 24
Theatre Junction GRAND Studio (601 1 St SW)