Fermentation, 2014 (Gerry Morita & Patrick Arés Pilon)

by Patrick Arès-Pilon & Gerry Morita

at the JJ Young Room, Epcor Centre (205 8 Ave SE)

Presented by EMMEDIA & CSIF

Part of this Year's Nuit Blanche, Fermentation is an interactive media art installation, which begins in research and extends into a period of procrastination that includes thought, time, avoidance, and stimulation by an array of activities and sensory elements.

The public is invited to explore the JJ Young room of the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, which is intended to over-stimulate, while inducing a sense of play and disorder. With multiple 16mm projections, live performance, cassette players, record players, View-Masters, fermented food, viewers will experience a cacophony of the senses.

GERRY MORITA is an interdisciplinary collaborator, dancer, choreographer, performance artist and teacher whose body of work involves continuous inquiry into new ways of seeing movement, sound, and the spaces between us. As Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, she has worked with artists from all disciplines in a vast array of both conventional and site-specific venues, touring Poland, Belgium, Estonia, Japan, and Turkey in the process. Her movement inquiry is based on an approach that encompasses strong use of contrasting elements, in relation to other media and space.

PATRICK ARÈS-PILON is a photographer and filmmaker who uses analog technologies to create interactive, performative works. Born in Edmonton, Patrick likes to walk in the streets admiring the innate beauty of sound, tone and movement. His artistic practice is interested in preservation, decay and projection of light and darkness while exploring synesthetic aesthetics.

September 20
7:00pm - 1:00am
Epcor Centre - 205 8 Ave SE