Herland Production Workshop Screening

A Love Letter to my  Unborn Child | Dir. Danielle Black

The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) and Spring Street Films are pleased to present a public screening for the Herland Video Production Workshop for Women. Made possible by a content programming grant from TELUS STORYHIVE, seven female filmmakers have spent the past five months working intensively with mentors to write, produce, shoot, and edit their own short film. Entering the program with little to no experience, these participants take their practice to the next level with diverse stories and innovative perspectives.

This workshop is supported by TELUS STORYHIVE, CSIF, and Spring Street Films.


*NOTE: As this will be a packed event, some people may be required to stand. We recommend bringing your own fold-up chairs as the space will not have enough to accommodate everyone.  

Join us in celebration of the 7 women who have completed their films:

Danielle Black - A Love Letter to my Unborn Child
A Love Letter to my Unborn Child is a short film about an open letter written by a woman who is questioning her fertility, but reconciles through an open letter. The letter is both honest and vulnerable as it describes what life is like for an Indigenous person today. Throughout the film, many Indigenous, Metis, and Inuit people are showcasing their pride as they live urban lifestyles, different from their ancestors. A Love Letter to my Unborn Child acknowledges it was filmed on Treaty 7 Territory, by an all female crew, and is dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit. 

Bernadette Lumugdand - FUGUE
After experiencing an earthquake, repressed sentiments between a Filipino Daughter and her Mother begin to rumble below the surface. Underneath what seems to be a stoic interaction, reveals a clash mired in fury and alienation. As Mother continues to tidy and clean, an epiphany passes and Daughter recognizes a need for connection but is unable to express it. 

Geneviève Paré - Ewe Are Here
In her element, but not her habitat, a Ewe Woman wakes to the connected and lonesome melodies of the Bow Valley. Today is her relocation date. Today she is returned to her natural habitat: downtown Calgary. An alien to her home, she navigates concrete gridlines, diverting eyes, and electromagnetic vibrations. Ewe Are Here is an unbuckled consideration of landscape and human connection through sound, image and oddity.

Simmy Tefera - Diary of an Immigrant Woman 
An immigrant woman comes to Canada in search of a better life but found herself in a different position. The film shows one of her mornings where she struggles to accept her new life. 

Mike Hooves - POLYMORPH
A sensual and dysphoric window frames the redefining of an identity. Through the lens of an experimental film this personal piece explores gender and one’s place within or without it.

Gaby Rios - No Cure For Superman
It’s a common but silent danger firefighters face. The story of one firefighter’s ultimate sacrifice and the legacy he left behind. His wife and fellow comrades tell his story. 

Kadra Yusuf - Diversity Hire 
When a woman’s small business becomes the focus of a media frenzy, she hires a camera crew to show what life is really like as a diversity hire.





Wednesday May 24, 2017
CSIF (#100, 1725-10 Ave SW)