The Embargo Project

INTEMPERANCE, DIr. Lisa Jackson, 2014

In partnership with Canada Bridges, The Stoney Nakoda AV Club, and The Stoney Nation Youth Empowerment Synergy YES Program, CSIF is excited to present a FREE screening of The Embargo Project. 

The Embargo Project is an anthology of five short films by Canadian Indigenous women. Participating in a collective process, each director created a film under restrictions imposed on them by their peers, to push each artist into new creative territory.

ROBERTA, Dir. Caroline Monnet (Algonquin), 9min

Housewife and grandmother Roberta struggles to fit the conformist society, she lives in and turns to amphetamines and booze to cure her boredom.

SKYWORLD, Dir. Zoe Hopkins (Mohawk), 18min

A broken-hearted woman moves home to rebuild her life and give her young son roots through language and family.

BIHTTOS (REBEL), Dir. Elle-Maija Tailfeathers (Blackfoot/Sami), 14min

Bihttoš is an unconventional documentary that explores the complex relationship between a father and daughter.

INTEMPERANCE, Dir. Lisa Jackson (Anishinaabe), 10min

In 1850, George Copway was the first Indian to publish a history of his nation, the Ojibway. Intemperance is a satire that brings to life a morally complex story of his people living in changing times.

AVILIAQ (ENTWINED), Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (Inuit), 15min

Set in a 1950’s Inuit community, Aviliaq tells the story of two Inuit lesbians struggling to stay together in a new world run by outsiders.

Opening film: TRICKSTER by Bridges Canada Summer Film Camp

When Fox tells Trickster his ideas are getting stale, he plans an epic prank. But in typical Trickster style, his own actions lead to trouble, and things don’t turn out quite the way he hopes.

December 3
Bearspaw Youth Centre, Morley