Elements of Light: FSAC Welcome Gathering & Screening

MAGNETIC RECONNECTION (2013) Dir. Kyle Armstrong

CSIF, the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) and the Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) are thrilled to present a program of Albertan short films to kick off this year’s annual FSAC Annual Conference, which runs from  May 31 - June 1 at the University of Calgary.

The Little Deputy
by Trevor Anderson | Edmonton | 2015 | 8:56 | Digital

Trevor tries to have a photo taken with his father.
Part of Canada’s Top Ten Shorts, Toronto International Film Festival 2015

We All Need to Say GOODBYE/ADIOS
By Rosanna Terracciano | Calgary | 2013 | 8.17 | Digital

We All Need To Say GOODBYE/ADIOS, is a subtle and poetic meditation on loss, steeped in the tradition of flamenco. Using white fans and traditional hair pieces, Terracciano demonstrates the emotional side of the dance form, resulting in a piece that speaks to the soul of flamenco without ever showing the dance itself. 

A Woman Comes Into the Room
By Heather Kai Smith | Calgary | 2015 | 1.14 |Digital

A Woman Comes Into The Room is a series of moving drawings inspired by and set to Alice Notley's poem recorded February 21, 1979. The film explores representations of femininity, the anonymous woman and abstraction through line. Using rotoscoping techniques on historical found footage, the film acts as a visual poem to discuss the fleeting feminine form. Produced with support from the Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary AB.

Element of Light
By Richard Reeves | Calgary | 2004 | 4.30 | Digital

Inspired by the elements of nature on a journey through light and sound. Painted directly onto the film and accompanied by scratched optical sounds. A stream-of-consciousness motion painting. 

Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler
by Christina Battle | Edmonton/Denver | 2013 | 4:51 | Digital

Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler  imagines a narrative where a woman from some undisclosed point in the past experiences continual unexplained and uncontrollable shifts in time and space. Suddenly finding herself in unfamiliar spaces, seemingly devoid of other people, she explores the various regions recording her discoveries through moving image, sound recordings and photographs along the way.
Shot in various cities & counties in Alberta; Colorado; and Yukon Territory.

Something Strangely Familiar 
by aAron Munson | Edmonton | 2012 | 3.22 | Digital

‘It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.' - Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
An apocalypse in ink, soap and 35mm film, shot in high definition video.

by Eva Colmers | Edmonton | 2014 | 4.56 |16mm

An editor works on his last film project about autumn. As he cuts and pastes, memories of his childhood flash back. Pictures of the past collide with the present and meld into a new timeless fabric of imagery.

Interstices I
by Kyle Whitehead | Calgary | 2015 | 3:52 | Super 8

Interstices I is the first in an ongoing series of collaborative, in-camera, double-exposure Super 8 films that has the potential to continue indefinitely. In these processed based works, the second exposure is made with no prior knowledge of the preceding exposure and the resulting vignettes are an aleatoric and non-linear amalgamation of two discrete perspectives. Unstable and intransitive by nature, these resonant and dissonant image-sentences continuously ebb and flow in and around each other, vying for physical presence, on the screen and in the minds-eye.

last light
by Ellie Epp |La Glace/Vancouver | 2015 | 7:18 | Digital

You know it’s happening but you can’t see it happening.

In the Backyarden
by Lindsay McIntyre | Edmonton | 2015 | 4.52 |16mm

 An in-camera exploration of a little girl, her garden, and all that pertains.

Magnetic Reconnection
by Kyle Armstrong  | Edmonton |2013 | 12.33 |Digital

Magnetic Reconnection is a short documentary film contrasting the regenerative power of nature with the futility of mankind’s struggle against natural processes of decay. The film features an original score by Jim O'Rourke, a voice-over by Will Oldham and some of the finest footage of the aurora borealis ever captured. 



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May 30
Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm
Good Luck Bar - 207 12 Ave SW