Bent Light Collective

Bent Light Collective, 2014 (Leslie Supnet)

CSIF is excited to present the Calgarian stop on Bent Light Collective’s Western Canadian tour. Bent Light is a collective of five innovative artists based out of Winnipeg who re-imagine cinema using 16mm film, hand processing, photocopier cinematography, DIY projectors and performances.

New works by the collective will be screened including:

Underwater Birthday Party for Fish | Dir. Mike Maryniuk | 16mm

All is right underwater until an unexpected party crasher arrives. Using found footage, 16mm, animation and underwater camera footage.

All Sparks | Dir. Heidi Philips  | 16mm multi channel installation

Light explodes out of the darkness in All Sparks, a frantic array of film loops created by Heidi Phillips.

First Light | Dir. Leslie Supnet | 16mm

The imagined rise and fall of many suns. Using animated drawings and shot on 16mm

Moonflower and Other Witchweeds | Dir. Doreen Girard | custom projector, expanded cinema performance

Compiled materials and images of flora from nature walks, botanical illustrations and time-lapse video are manipulated and added to within a live setting and knit together with multi-directional light sources. Reels of screen printed acetate are advanced by hand through a home-made projector.

Xerographic | Dir. Andrew John Milne | hand-cranked projector, expanded cinema performance

A Xerox copier has been modified to function as an instant print camera. Strapped into the passenger seat of a travelling museum, this copier will document the 36 hour drive at 30 second intervals from Winnipeg to Vancouver resulting in 2000 Xerox copies.

Filmmakers Andrew John Milne & Doreen Girard will be leading a Q & A after the screening

Presented in partnership with Cineworks, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and British Columbia Arts Council 

September 17
EMMEDIA - 203, 351 11 Ave SW