Empyrean, 2013 Dir. Tommy Lee (Joakim Zatko)

Membership to CSIF is open to anyone interested in accessing affordable film equipment, filmmaking workshops, and community activities.

The membership policy of CSIF is intended to engage members who are willing to commit time and energy to the society in exchange for CSIF's commitment towards their individual film making endeavours.

As a member, you'll also receive perks from our community partners: Vistek, The Camera Store, Robinson's Camera, EMMEDIA, Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary Underground Film Festival, Calgary Cinematheque and Frame Discreet


If you're interested in becoming a CSIF member, drop in to a Member Orientation where we can give you more info about what we do and answer any questions. The sessions are held at our office every month:

Saturday, June 3rd, 11am - 12pm

Saturday, July 8th, 11am - 12pm 

Saturday, August 5th: 11am - 12pm

Associate membership

$40 Annually

CSIF Associate Membership is a supporting level of membership and is open to anyone wishing to support the Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives of the CSIF.

Associate members receive:

  • All of the rights of a Library Membership
  • Access to equipment rentals based on good standing with the CSIF and ability to use equipment.
  • Regular mailings and e-mails regarding CSIF, and member activities.
  • Discounted admission prices to CSIF sponsored events where such are advertised to the membership.
  • Discounts on all CSIF sponsored workshops.
  • Ability to attend, speak and to vote on issues at all general meetings.
  • Ability to vote to elect members to the board of directors at the Annual General Meeting.

Production Membership

$60 Annually

CSIF Production Membership is intended for all active members of the Society who wish to use the Facilities of the Society to produce their own films at a lower cost than Associate Members. Production membership is open to any member in good standing who can demonstrate proficiency with the equipment he or she intends to use.

  • All applications for Production Membership must apply in person to the Production Director.
  • Production Members must have been an Associate Member of the CSIF for a minimum of one month.
  • Production Members must commit to 20 hours of volunteer work to the Co-op.
  • Production Members must demonstrate an understanding of the CSIF's Policy, Aims and Objectives.

Production members receive:

  • All the same rights as an Associate Member.
  • The right to reserve and rent production equipment from the Society at a discounted rate

Library Membership

As a member you are entitled to rent films from the CSIF's 2000+ titles of 16mm and Super 8mm films. Films can be rented free of charge but members must pay for the shipping to and from the archive.